Locating and Turning off Refrigerator Line Shut off Valve

How often do you shut off the refrigerator line valve? If you don’t turn it off regularly, you might be wasting energy.

Refrigerators have two valves that control the flow of cold air into the freezer compartment. The first is called the defrost valve. This valve controls the amount of water that flows through the evaporator coil. When the defrost valve is open, water passes over the coils and freezes onto them. As ice builds up, it melts, releasing heat back into the room. That heat then warms the surrounding area.

When the defrost valve is closed, the evaporator coil stays cool. Water does not freeze on the coils, and no heat is released into the room. In order to prevent frost buildup, the defrost valve should be turned off at least once every week.

How Do I Turn Off the Water Line to My Refrigerator?

The second valve controlling the flow of cold air from the compressor into the freezer compartment is the refrigerator’s water line valve.

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This valve is located inside the refrigerator near the bottom front panel. It looks like a small round hole with a handle attached to it. You can find this valve by looking for a small round hole in the lower front part of your fridge.

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To turn off the water line valve, simply pull out the handle and close the opening. Once the valve is closed, there will be no more cold air flowing into the freezer.

Locate the Shutoff Valve

If you are having trouble locating the shutoff valve, try these steps:

1) Check the manual or owner’s manual for your refrigerator.

2) Look for an illustration showing where the shutoff valve is located.

3) Use a flashlight to look under the refrigerator.

4) Remove any panels or doors to see if you can locate the shutoff valve.

5) If all else fails, call a professional service technician to help you locate the shutoff valve so you can turn it off.

What Does a Refrigerator Shut Off Valve Look Like?

A shutoff valve has a round opening with a handle attached to one end. There is usually a small plastic cover over the top of the valve.

Most refrigerators have a single shutoff valve. However, some newer models have dual shutoff valves. These valves allow you to regulate both the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator. To learn more about these types of valves, visit our page on Dual Temperature/Humidity Control Valves.

It is important to note that many older models of refrigerators had only one shutoff valve. So, even though they may appear similar to the newer models, they actually work differently.

How Often Should I Turn Off the Refrigerator Water Line Valve?

You should turn off the water line shutoff valve whenever you use the refrigerator. For example, when you finish making food in the refrigerator, turn off the valve so the cold air stops circulating.

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However, you may want to leave the valve on during certain times of the day. For instance, you may want to keep the valve on while you sleep. This way, the refrigerator won’t run as much electricity.

Turn off the Water Supply

Once you know how to locate the shutoff valve, here is what you need to do to turn it off:

1) Pull out the handle on the shutoff valve. Close the opening.

2) Wait until the power shuts off before turning off the water supply.

3) After the power turns back on, wait 10 minutes before restarting the refrigerator.

What Should I Look For Before Buying A New Refrigerator?

Before buying a new refrigerator, make sure you know what size unit you need. Most refrigerators are designed to hold about 40 cubic feet of food storage space. However, some models come equipped with larger capacities. These include:

• 70-cubic foot capacity units

• 80-cubic foot units

• 90-cubic foot models

If you plan to store large quantities of food, such as meat or produce, you may want to consider purchasing a model with a greater capacity than 40 cubic feet.

If you’re planning to buy a smaller refrigerator, look for one that has features that help keep your food fresh longer. Features like adjustable shelves, crisper drawers, and full-width doors allow you to easily access all parts of the refrigerator.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Refrigerator Unit?

Installing a new refrigerator typically costs between $2,000 and $3,500. Installation fees vary depending on where you live and how much work needs to be done. Some installers charge extra if they must remove old appliances, replace wiring, or add insulation to walls.

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Some home improvement stores offer installation services. They usually require a deposit when you purchase a refrigerator. Afterward, you pay only half the price of the refrigerator plus any additional charges.


Refrigerators can save you money by keeping food at safe temperatures. When you shop around, compare prices from different retailers. You’ll find that buying a new refrigerator often saves you money over time.

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