Are liquid drain cleaners septic-safe find out here?

Liquid drain cleaners are often touted as being better than chemical alternatives because they contain no harsh chemicals or additives. They usually consist of a mixture of water and surfactants, which get into the clogs.

However, liquid drain cleaners also pose their own risks. While they are inexpensive, some can damage pipes and other plumbing fixtures. If they seep into cracks or crevices, they can cause serious problems down the line.

“Liquid drain cleaners are good at dissolving grease and hair,” says Dr. Robert J. Wood, a professor of microbiology at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Public Health. “But I wouldn’t recommend them if something else should go wrong.”

Are liquid drain cleaners septic-safe?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved certain types of liquid drain cleaners for use in septic systems. These include:

• Baking soda and vinegar mixtures that have been diluted with a minimum of 1 part baking soda to 4 parts water.

• Borax dissolved in warm water.

• Citric acid dissolved in water.

• Hydrogen peroxide dissolved in water.

These products are not recommended for use in any type of sewage system.

What is the difference between liquid drain cleaners and commercial drain cleaning services?

While liquid drain cleaners may be less expensive than professional drain cleaning services, it’s important to know what you’re getting when you purchase one. “If you buy a product like this, you need to make sure it’s safe for your home,” explains Dr. Wood. “You don’t want to put anything harmful back into the sewer lines.” In addition to potentially damaging your plumbing, these liquid drain cleaners could also harm pets and children who ingest them. In addition to the EPA’s approval, there are two additional things to consider before purchasing a liquid drain cleaner:

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How to unclog a septic system drain?

Sewage pipes have two major components: a pumping station and a drainage pipe. Sewage pumps move sewage from the house into a larger sewer line. This line runs under ground and empties into a treatment plant where it is cleaned and disinfected. The main role of a sewage pump is to move sewage from the house to the drainage line. A sewage pump is driven by electricity, either directly or via an electric motor. It is usually located outside near the house. A sewage pump consists of a reservoir called a sump. The sump holds water and sewage until the pump is activated. A sewage pump works by using suction. Suction occurs when air flows into the pump and pushes water out of the sump, forcing the water down the pipe, into the drainage line and away from the house.

A clogged sewage line could lead to flooding, backup of sewage, odor problems, and even disease. Clogs occur when tree roots get stuck in the pipe. Roots clog the drainage pipe because they create friction that slows the flow of water. Roots may also block the drainage pipe completely. To prevent clogs, try adding gravel to the bottom of the sump to help push roots away from the drainage pipe. Keep grass trimmed around the sump to reduce potential root growth. Be sure to check the pipes frequently for signs of damage. Broken pipes leak sewage, which can cause severe health hazards if not treated quickly.

Maintaining a septic system

Every person who lives in a house wants to live comfortably at his/her home. The main thing that makes a person feel good about living is making sure that everything is clean and healthy. Cleanliness is essential for everyone because it shows how well a person takes care of himself, even if he has no children.

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One such tool that is needed for maintaining a septic tank is a drain cleaner. This is something that every person needs. Therefore, if you were thinking of buying a new drain cleaner, then here are some features that you should consider while looking for a good drain cleaner.

First, you need to choose a product that works with any type of pipe. For instance, some products work only with PVC pipes while others can handle all types of pipe materials. A drain cleaning kit will not do what it says on the box. It does not mean that it will remove all the clogs from your drains; rather, it will clear the blockages that caused the clog. In addition, when you buy a drain repair kit, you can be assured that it will work effectively. However, if you buy a product that cannot work with different kinds of pipes, then it might not function as expected.

Second, you must look for a product that comes with a warranty. If you find a product that is sold without a warranty, then you should avoid using it. You might end up spending more money than necessary. There are many companies that offer warranties on their products. These warranties ensure that you will receive quality service from the company whenever you need it.

Third, you need to make sure that the drain cleaner you use is safe. Always read the instructions before using the product. Also, always test the product before using it. Some people think that they know how to use a product but they actually don’t. They might injure themselves or someone else.

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Fourth, you need to look for a product that is easy to use. When you are dealing with a problem like a blocked drain, you want to save time and energy. That’s why you need a product that is simple to operate. Even though there are many drain cleaners available in the market, most of them require complicated steps to use.

Finally, you need to make certain that the drain cleaner you purchase is affordable. Most drain cleaners cost between $20 and $50. However, you can spend much less by purchasing a product that is made locally.


Now that you have learned about the best features of a good drain cleaner, you can easily decide whether you should buy one. Remember that you need to take into consideration several factors before choosing a drain cleaner.

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