How to replace a shower faucet handle – leverknob?

Shower faucet handles can last for a long period of time (up to 30 years), but the handles may need replacing from time to time as the handles tend to break more often or even fade.

Replacing a shower faucet is quite easy and almost everyone can do it. You don’t need to pay a plumb­er to replace it for you, so you don’t need to call him.

Showers are great for soaking in hot water after a long day at work. And having a nice, reliable faucet makes showering relaxing and enjoyable. However, sometimes it’s time to replace the old, worn-out faucets in the bathroom.

Replacing a shower faucet is simple. The biggest issue is that you’ll need to determine whether you want a lever handle or a knob handle. Both types provide good functionality, though they differ slightly in design. If you decide to go with a lever handle, you’ll also need to choose between brass or plastic levers.

How do I remove my shower faucet handle?

First, shut off the water supply at the main valve. Next, loosen the handle from the stem and remove it. Be sure not to lose any pieces of the faucet!

Next, take off the shower knob and remove the rubber washers.

Finally, pull off the screws holding the shower tub base in place.

Shower faucets are typically installed using screws into the wall behind the shower enclosure. To remove the handle, simply unscrew the two screws holding the handle in place.

How to replace a knob shower faucet handle?

Replacing the handle on a two/three-hand shower faucet takes longer if you are replacing both the 2 handles (recommended) because it’s easier to replace just one handle. Even though I don’t turn off the water to my shower, I always use cold water.

The shower faucets/knobs are usually attached to the shower cartridges/stems by a long Phillips screw. This screw is however concealed by a small index cap on its face.

Look closely at the front of your faucet knob. It might be worth replacing. You will see a tiny index cap either with the brand logo or initials ‘C‘ or ‘H‘ to denote cold or hot tap water.

Here’s how to remove a two or three shower head faucet:

  • Remove the index cap for free. To get started, you’ll need a flat and sharp object like a small flathead driver or even a knife to start. Pry off the top of the bottle being careful not to hurt yourself. Don’t worry if it breaks. It happens.
  • Remove the screw using a Philips screwdriver. To prevent the screwdriver from slipping out of your hand, grab the knob with your other hand and push back against the force of the screw driver. Turning the faucet on will prevent you from wasting water.
  • Once the screw is out, pull out the knob. Depending on how long the handle has been there, it might be very sticky so you will need to wiggle and pull it out forcefully.
  • You don’t need to do this step if you’re not With these types of handles, the escutcheons could be threaded onto the faucets stems. All you will need to do is loosen it using a wrench.
  • Slide in the new escutcheon and secure it against the wall.
  • If you don’t want to replace the escutcheon, clean the old escutcheon/stop tube especially if there are mineral deposits on it to allow the new handle to slide in freely.
  • Slide in the new knob and secure it with a screw.
  • Pop in the new index cover to conceal the screw.
  • Test the new handle.
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How to replace a lever shower faucet handle?

If you have a Moen or Delta single handle shower faucet, this is the handle you’ve got. The good thing is you can replace a three-handle shower faucet with this type of faucet.

1. Turn off the water to the shower

Replacing this handle requires you to first turn it over to access the screw. You can’t do that without water running from the shower head or tub faucet. To prevent that from happening, you’ll first need to turn off the water to the shower.

If you’re lucky, there might be an access panel on a wall behind the shower. Behind the access panel for the water heater, there are shut off valves for the hot and cold.

If you don’t have a shower access panel in your home, you will need to shut off the water supply to your entire house. The shut off valve for the hot water supply will be in the basement near the water heater where the water main enters the house.

Turn on the fountains to drain the water already inside the pipes. Don’t forget to plug off the bathtub drain to avoid losing screws into the drain.

2. Remove the faucet handle

  • To remove the faucet from the wall, turn the faucet handle counterclockwise until the faucet comes off.
  • Use an Allen wrench (or similar tool) to loosen and remove the bolt.
  • Pull out the handle by pulling it toward yourself.

3. Install the new faucet handle

  • Slide in the new door panel and align the screw holes so that they match up with the old ones. Screw them into the wall and tighten them.
  • Press the new faucet on the shower cartridge. Before putting in the screws, check that they’re properly engaged and that they move freely.
  • Insert the screw into the hole and tighten it with the allen wrench.
  • Turn the water back on and check that the handle is working properly.
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And basically that is how to replace a shower faucet’s handle in a single-handle shower faucet.


Shower faucets are one of the most important fixtures in any bathroom. They help us get rid of dirt and grime while also providing a relaxing experience.

When we talk about replacing shower faucets, we usually mean changing the handle. This is because shower faucets come in different designs and styles. Some of them even include multiple handles.There are many different types of shower faucets available in the market today. Each one has its own unique features and benefits. Some are more expensive than others but most come at affordable prices.

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