Garbage disposal do’s and don’ts – what can go down

Did you ever wonder what goes down the garbage disposal? If you don’t know, then you probably haven’t had much experience with them. In this video, I’ll share some things you should never put down the sink.

Garbage disposals are very useful appliances. They are designed to grind up food waste into smaller pieces that can easily pass through pipes and drains. The problem is that they aren’t always 100% effective at doing their job.

There are two main types of garbage disposals: conventional and auger. Conventional models consist of a spinning blade that scrapes food waste from the bottom of the sink. Auger models include a rotating auger that pushes food waste into a tube that then gets shredded or ground up.

Garbage disposal do’s & don’ts

Garbage disposal is one of the most important things in your home. Without proper garbage disposal, you could end up having an unpleasant smell in your house. There are many things that you need to know before you start using a garbage disposal. The first thing you need to know is how to use the garbage disposal properly. Here are some tips to help you out.


1) Make sure that your sink has a drain line. Garbage disposal won’t work if there isn’t a drain pipe.

2) Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before putting them in the garbage disposal. This will prevent any clogs.

3) Make sure that the garbage disposal is turned on. You may have to turn it on manually.

4) Never put metal objects like forks, knives, spoons, etc in the garbage disposal. It will damage the blades.

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5) Keep the garbage disposal clean by washing it regularly.

6) Always keep the garbage disposal lid closed.

7) Clean the garbage disposal regularly. Use a brush to remove any residue build-up.

8) Never put anything hard in the garbage disposal. That includes bones, glass, plastic bottles, etc.

9) Turn off the garbage disposal when you’re finished.

10) Store sharp utensils away from the garbage disposal.


1) Avoid putting too much food waste in the garbage disposal.

2) Avoid putting grease in the garbage disposal. Grease can cause clogging.

3) Avoid putting meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or other foods with strong odors in the garbage disposal. These items can give off bad smells.

4) Avoid putting soap scum in the garbage disposal. Soap scum can cause clogging. Also avoid putting hair in the garbage disposal. Hair can also get stuck causing problems.

5) Avoid putting oil or fat in the garbage disposal. Oil and fats can cause clogging.

6) Avoid putting large amounts of paper towels, tissues, napkins, rags, etc in the garbage. Paper towels can make the motor burn out.

7) Avoid putting hot liquids in the garbage disposal. Hot water can damage the motor.

8) Avoid putting chemicals in the garbage disposal. Chemicals can damage the motor over time.

9) Avoid putting plastics, rubber, vinyl, or similar materials in the garbage disposal. Plastics can break down and create lumps in the garbage disposal.

10) Avoid putting broken glass in the garbage disposal. Broken glass can cut the motor.

What can go down?

1) Food Waste

Food waste can be placed directly into the trash bin. If you would like to grind it up, place it in a container and add a little bit of liquid dishwashing detergent. Then, mix well and let sit for 30 minutes. After this, pour through a strainer and rinse with warm water.

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2) Bones

Bones should never be put in the garbage disposal. They can become lodged in the blades and cause serious damage. Instead, bury them in the garden.

3) Glass

Glass can easily be ground up in the garbage disposal. However, do not put any type of sharp object in the garbage disposal. Sharp objects such as glass, knives, scissors, etc can damage the blades.

4) Metal

Metal can be ground up in the kitchen sink. However, don’t use a metal spatula or knife while grinding. The blades are made of stainless steel which can rust.

5) Plastic

Plastic can be ground up in your garbage disposal. However, avoid using a plastic spoon, fork, or knife while doing so. Plastic can melt and stick to the blades.

How to remove or prevent nasty garbage disposal smells?

If you have a garbage disposal that is giving off an unpleasant smell, there are some things you can try:

1) Make sure that the garbage disposal is running properly. This means that the drain line has been cleared and all debris has been removed.

2) Check the filter. It may need cleaning.

3) Clean the inside of the machine by pouring vinegar and baking soda mixture through the drain line. Let stand for 15-20 minutes before flushing again.

4) Try adding a few drops of essential oils to help mask the odor.

5) Try adding a small amount of bleach to the water supply. Bleach will kill bacteria and help keep odors from coming back.

6) Add a handful of salt to the water supply. Salt helps neutralize odors.

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7) Run the garbage disposal for a couple of hours at least once per week. This will help flush out the system.

What to do if your garbage disposal is not grinding?

If your garbage disposal is not working properly, here are some tips on how to fix it yourself:

1) Remove the cover plate. You’ll see two screws holding the cover plate in place. Slide the cover plate off.

2) Take a look at the blades. Are they dull? Dull blades don’t work very well. Use a file or emery board to sharpen them.

3) Is the garbage disposal clogged? Unplugging the garbage disposal will allow the blades to spin freely.

4) Does the garbage disposal make a loud noise when turned on? If so, check the switch. Sometimes these switches get stuck closed.

5) Does the garbage disposal turn on but then stop? This could mean that the motor needs lubrication. Turn the garbage disposal on and off several times until it turns on consistently.

6) Is the garbage disposal making a clicking sound? This indicates that something is jammed in the mechanism.


Garbage disposals are great tools for keeping food waste away from landfills. But sometimes they malfunction and produce foul smelling results. Follow the simple steps to clean and maintain your garbage disposal.

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