Every team needs a set of tools to communicate. Slack is just one of them.

In addition to realtime chat, you need a place for extended discussions and less time-critical information sharing. Ginger replaces your cumbersome email distribution lists or clunky all-in-one project management tools, with features not found elsewhere.

Organized conversation with threaded replies

Arrange your team by groups of your choosing. Ginger clearly shows the progression of conversations with nested replies.

Easy setup and accessible anywhere

No web hosting, software installation, or asking your IT department to manage an email list. Ginger is 100% cloud-based and accessible from any browser, anywhere, anytime.

Slack integration, simple file sharing, and voting

Automatically post new Ginger discussions to Slack. Attach files to discussions, and vote for quick feedback or decision-making.

Ginger facilitates communication for any team

Adam Brault

We absolutely love Ginger and use it every day. It's become a core part of our team's daily communication process.

- Adam Brault, &yet

Virtual Teams & Remote Teams

Use Ginger to solve the pain of complex team collaboration across timezones and countries.

Startups & Software Development

Use Ginger for extended discussions on tech issues, and to eliminate daily standup meetings.

Community Groups & Organizations

Use Ginger to update, plan, and interact with your organization's membership.

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Made by a 100% virtual team that's obsessed with improving communication.

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