Looking to adopt an open communication policy?

Many companies are now implementing open communication and open email policies for better team collaboration. Ginger is an alternative to setting up and managing cumbersome email lists, and includes features not available in other group discussion tools.

Easy setup and accessible anywhere

No asking your IT department to add or remove people to lists, or fussing with email clients. And Ginger is accessible from any browser, anywhere, anytime.

Organized conversation with threaded views

Arrange your team by groups of your choosing. Ginger clearly shows the progression of conversations with nested replies.

Simple file sharing, search, and voting

Attach files to discussions, search prior conversations, and vote for quick feedback or decision-making.

Ginger provides transparency for anyone

Adam Brault

We absolutely love Ginger and use it every day. It's become a core part of our team's daily communication process.

- Adam Brault, &yet

Virtual Teams & Remote Teams

Use Ginger to solve the pain of complex team collaboration across timezones and countries.

Startups & Software Development

Use Ginger for extended discussions on tech issues, and to eliminate daily standup meetings.

Community Groups & Organizations

Use Ginger to update, plan, and interact with your organization's membership.

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Made by a 100% virtual team that's obsessed with improving communication.

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