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Kevin Fricovsky
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Hi! We're Lincoln Loop, a small team building software on the web. We made the decision early on to hire only the best and brightest, no matter where they were located. Fast forward a few years and now our team spans 8 countries and 3 continents. We loved the benefits of remote work, but communication was often a struggle.

We tried everything, but still suffered from email overload, awkward and inconvenient teleconferences and distracting chat and IM. We were churning through projects and doing great work, but it was obvious something was missing. Nobody knew what each other was doing on a daily basis. Rather than building a cohesive unit, we were strangers passing in the night. It was clear that our company wouldn't survive unless we fixed our communication problem.

Map of Lincoln Loop

You may think, why didn't you just use email or chat?

We tried email and chat, but they were constantly interrupting our work flow. If it wasn't the interruptions, it was the lack of organization. We could never find important decisions we made in chat or digging through an inbox full of poorly organized discussions. We even tried project management tools, but they were focused on deadlines and to-do lists. All we needed was a simple way for us to have genuine, quality conversations.

What about Skype, phone calls, teleconferences, etc.?

Our virtual team spans 5 different time zones making scheduling impossible. Meetings were always a couple people short or half-full of zombies dialing in long before or after their workday. It was a terrible way to brainstorm or solicit ideas, not to mention the impact on our families and social time. We wanted the best of both worlds. Something that let us work as a remote team, but have meaningful discussions as if we were in the same office.

After years of trying to solve our communication problems, we decided to build the magical tool we were searching for. We spent months testing different approaches and ruthlessly axed features that weren't essential to our goal: building the best distributed team discussion tool avaliable. The end result is Ginger and it's all but eliminated our communication struggles (some might say we even communicate better than co-located teams).

If you are part of a virtual team like ours and have any of the same frustrations, get started with Ginger today and stop struggling with poor communication. Ginger helps us with:

Simple Communication

Ginger inspires real discussion, debate and decision making. It serves not only as your virtual board room, but also your virtual water cooler. It's a place where everyone can participate and everyone is heard.

Convenient Collaboration

Ginger allows you to participate in conversations at your convenience and on your own schedule. Information is instantly accessible, day or night. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Ginger makes it easy for people to work together, even when far apart.

Increased Productivity

Avoid the interruptions of emails, chat, IM and conference calls. Ginger lets you stay in the flow and focus on your projects without the inherent distractions of other communication tools.

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Don't just take our word for it.
See what our users have to say:

It's helped pull our team together and give a better sense of how people are feeling about their work and progress. That's been huge for us.
Henrik Joreteg
Allowing conversations to develop over time, instead of forcing everyone's thoughts into a 1 hour meeting provides better results and clarity.
Alex Schettine
Ginger keeps our global team focused and on track in a way that traditional email and instant messaging can't compete with.
Michael Jung
We absolutely love Ginger and use it every day. It's become a core part of our team's daily communication process.
Adam Brault

“How can Ginger help?”

Best Ideas. Not First Ideas

Meetings encourage people to blurt out the first thing that comes to their head. Ginger gives people room to think and provide their best ideas.

Ginger is easy-to-follow no matter when people respond. People stay in the flow and contribute intelligent responses when they are ready.

Dashboard View

Organized Brainstorming

As ideas progress, they morph into side-discussions and go off on tangents. The brainstorming process is difficult remotely but it is also how we find our best ideas.

Want to take a discussion in a different direction? In Ginger, you simply fork it. A new discussion starts that can be traced back to the original without detracting from the original content. It's a feature unique to Ginger and we think you'll love it!


Contribute on Your Time

Forcing people across multiple timezones into a pre-determined meeting schedule is painful. If you think better in the morning or your business hours don't match up, you're out of luck.

With Ginger, you can contribute when you're fresh, even if the rest of your team is asleep! Configurable notifications let you decide when to be notified of new activity.


Get Consensus

Shorten your feedback cycle and get same-day feedback on new ideas. Making decisions within a remote team is often a painstaking process and slows your team down.

Ginger lets you voice feedback with minimal effort and noise. Use voting to give praise and get consensus with a single click.

Vote with your heart

Everyone Participates

By removing the high cost of meetings, you can effectively invite everyone to contribute. You'll be surprised by who provides the best ideas when everyone is on an even playing field.

When you create a discussion in Ginger, you choose the team to send it to. For sensitive information, you can still limit its visibility by posting it to a different team.

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We know how important your data is. That is why we encrypt all communications, undergo third-party security audits, and backup everything offsite (and encrypted) hourly.

Personal Support

We're here if you have questions. We respond to most requests within one business day and all requests go directly to a knowledgeable engineer on our team, not an outsourced call-center.